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What is "Shipped On Board" in Logistics?

Sometimes you can’t afford to have your shipment take several days to reach its final destination. Either because the shipment is sensitive in nature or there’s a sudden demand that you could have anticipated, getting a shipment to its destination quickly is a priority. For those times you need Just In Time Expedited Shipping.

Just In Time Expedited Shipping allows you to send shipments long distances, often within a single day. This allows companies to ship items that are time sensitive or in demand at the last minute and know that they’ll get there on time, with 1000 miles in 22 hours being well within the realm of of the possible. That means that so long as you’re not shipping across the country, you’re probably within the range of JIT shipping.

With half the country being reachable within a day’s drive, your 중국배대지 company’s logistical planning changes significantly. Some companies have even come to rely on JIT Expedited Shipping as their products are time sensitive and the JIT Expedited Shipping option allows them to save money in the long run on warehousing and lost products.

Useful for companies that ship products like food-stuffs and time-sensitive items like medical supplies, JIT Shipping means never having your product off the shelves or not being able to get a device you need to do your job correctly. For companies that ship semi-perishable foods, expedited shipping can help save on the cost of refrigerated containers since the product will arrive in one day.

Thanks to teams of drivers, a shipment sent via JIT can cover 1,000 miles in under 24 hours, meaning that with the exception of coast to coast shipments, your freight can reach its destination within a single day. The short turn-around time on arrival is part of the reason many companies are starting to embrace JIT shipping as their main means of shipping freight and products – it eliminates time that’s wasted in transit when the product could be used or in front of customers for purchase.

Whatever your reasons for using JIT Expedited Shipping, working with your shipping company is key to making sure that it’s not only the best option for your situation, but that your shipment will arrive when it needs to. Whether you use it once for an emergency or as a part of your shipping plan on a regular basis, JIT Expedited Shipping is the perfect way to get freight shipped with a quickness.