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Shipping to Honduras

Cyprus is a major international shipping centre since the island provides considerable motivations. Because of this, numerous international delivery firms are advised to develop their operations in Cyprus. In this write-up, I provide the basic info worrying ship registration procedures in Cyprus. Normally, the Policy and also procedures for ship registration plan to facilitate the accomplishment of risk-free, protected as well as efficient delivery.


Ships and vessels of any type or size, besides those listed here, might be signed up in the Register of Cyprus Ships or the Special Publication of Parallel Registration, given that they satisfy age-related as well as type-related requirements.

Ships as well as vessels that are NOT received registration:

At the time of the application for their registration, are banned on port State control by a nation member of any kind of among the Memoranda of Understanding on port State control, from getting in the ports of the Countries party to that memorandum or that have actually been disqualified by a State 일본 배대지 from entering its ports;
Have been detained on port State control grounds on greater than three times within two years period before the entry of application for registration by States of the Paris or the Tokyo or the Mediterranean Memoranda of Recognizing on port State control or by the US Coast Guard;
Have been built specifically for the use on inland navigating or that are to be made use of exclusively on inland navigation, i.e. inner waters, rivers, inland waterways, canals, all-natural or man-made lakes, water reservoir or dams.
Kinds of Enrollment:

There are 3 kinds of ship registration: provisionary, irreversible as well as identical registration.

A1. Provisionary Registration:

Many ship owners select the option of provisionary registration due to the fact that it will supply them with the essential period to wage the administrative treatments for irreversible enrollment. A regional legal representative should pursue the application for enrollment of a ship under the Cyprus flag. In addition, the Registrar of Ships approves applications in support of business under formation. However, the company must be integrated before the enrollment of the ship.

A vessel could be provisionally registered under the Cyprus flag in Limassol by the Registrar of Cyprus Ships, or at any type of diplomatic goal or consulate of the Republic of Cyprus abroad that will continue according to the directions provided by the Registrar of Cyprus Ships. Throughout the provisional enrollment under the Cyprus flag, the vessel must go to a port to be evaluated and certified in behalf of the Cyprus federal government. Nonetheless, the presence of the ship at the port or area where the provisionary registration will certainly be held is not obligatory.

In case the provisional registration is held at a diplomatic mission or consulate of Cyprus abroad, some of the documents can be submitted there based upon the Registrar’s created instructions. Complying with the invoice of the needed documentation, the Registrar or the consular police officer of the Republic of Cyprus might proceed with the provisional enrollment of the ship.

A2. Long-term Enrollment

The long-term registration of a provisionally registered ship should be finished within six months or 9 months in situation the three-month expansion has been acquired, from the date on which the ship was provisionally registered. By the time all the required documents are submitted and also the management treatment is finalized the Registrar of Cyprus Ships will provide the ‘Certificate of Cyprus Registry’ and the ship will be permanently registered under the Cyprus flag.